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Best 5×7 Speakers – Our Top 7 Picks

One of the most noticeable upgrades you can make on your car, without spending an exorbitant amount of money, is to upgrade your speakers.

And a pair of Best 5×7 speakers is a great option, because you can get them at different price points, and it’s a difference you’ll hear pretty much instantly.

Best 5×7 Car Speakers 2023 Review

Premium Pick
Focal RCX-570...
Frequency Range
4 Ohms
91.6 dB
More Information
Premium Pick
Focal RCX-570...
Frequency Range
4 Ohms
91.6 dB
More Information

That being said, there are a lot of models out there, some better than the others, so choosing one pair might not be as simple as it seems.

So, let’s take a look at a few popular options and see what the best 5×7 car speakers are.

1. Rockford Fosgate P1572 Punch Best 5×7 Speakers

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The Rockford Fosgate P1572 Punch Speaker is an outstanding car audio speaker with superior sound quality and performance, making it a high quality replacement car speaker with better quality than the original factory-installed speaker.

It features a durable polypropylene cone and butyl rubber surround that can handle high volumes for long periods of time. 

This speaker also has a power range of 60 Watts RMS and 120 Watts maximum power handling capacity, with a frequency response of 75-22,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 89 dB.

Our experts perform some tests in which these car speakers deliver a punchy and tight sound with strong highs and decent bass for their size. They are fairly efficient, so even when driven by a stock stereo, they can be pushed to higher volumes without distortion.

The installation is straightforward and easy to do, with useful instructions in the package. The speaker’s build quality seems good and should last for a long time.

The main downside of these car speakers is that they don’t come with a grille, so you will need to buy one separately. They are also unsuitable for every vehicle, as some may require different sizes/shapes of speakers.

These car speakers are great for anyone looking for a quality and reliable replacement speaker. We recommend these speakers to anyone looking for an improved experience from their factory speakers.


  • Clear sound with crisp highs and decent bass
  • Easy to install with accurate instructions
  • Efficient, can handle loud volumes without distortion
  • Includes 6″x8″ mounting brackets
  • VAST increases cone area for fuller sound


  • Not compatible with all factory grills
  • It may require modifications for certain vehicle door sizes

2. Focal RCX-570 Auditor – Best 5×7 Coaxial Speakers for Sound Quality

The Focal RCX-570 Auditor Speaker is an impressive 5×7 coaxial speaker that provides outstanding sound quality for its price.

Its design features a polypropylene woofer cone with a butyl rubber surround, and its extra-large voice coil and powerful magnet can handle up to 60 watts RMS.

An inverted dome tweeter is included for high-frequency details, and it has a frequency response of 60-21,000 Hz, along with 91.6 dB sensitivity and 4 ohms impedance.

This speaker performs excellently in our experts’ performance tests, delivering rich midranges and crystal-clear highs. It is easy to use and set up; no special skills or knowledge are required. The product’s build quality is very good, so it will last you a long time with proper care and maintenance.

The only potential downside to the Focal RCX-570 Speaker is that it lacks a bit of bass. While some bass is still present, it’s not as much as expected. It also has a thin coating on the speaker cone, which may not offer enough weatherproofing for some applications.

This quality speaker is great for anyone looking for an upgrade from their factory speakers without breaking the bank. It’s perfect for people who want to get more out of their music and audio experiences and those who need to replace the factory speakers in their vehicles.


  • High-quality sound with rich midrange and clear high-frequency details due to Focal’s inverted dome tweeter technology
  • Durable construction with polypropylene woofer cone, steel basket, and butyl rubber surround
  • Can handle up to 60 watts RMS and 120 watts peak
  • Direct replacement for many factory speakers
  • Efficient enough to use with factory receiver amp power


  • Low bass levels compared to other car speakers in the Focal range
  • Weatherproofing on speaker cones could be better for some harsher environments.

3. BOSS Audio Systems BE5768: Best Budget 5×7 Speakers

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Kicking things off with a budget pick, the BOSS Audio Systems BE5768 is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade without spending too much money.

They come with an excellent feature set that ensures you’ll notice the upgrade to your stock car audio.

First things first, these are four-way car speakers, which means they can get you the full range of audio, with nothing missing. This means that the highs will be crystal clear and crisp, while the bass will be powerful and precise.

And everything in between will be excellent as well, which is just the case with the BE5768. They really sound great regardless of what kind of music you’re listening on them.

Boss Audio Systems Be5768

The build and materials used are great, too. The cone is made from polyurethane, which means it’s going to last a good while, and provide excellent sound.

Then, you’ve got a piezoelectric tweeter, which is more resistant to overloads than a conventional one.

You’ve got rubber surrounds as well, which connect the cone to the basket, and is a great pick for a durable material.

These are some decently powerful speakers, too. You’re looking at a maximum power handling capacity of 150 watts per speaker, which is very good. They can get pretty loud, pretty quickly, which is perfect if you enjoy your music a bit louder when you’re out for a drive.

Lastly, we must mention the looks. Even though they do come with grills, these are car speakers you might want to leave uncovered.

Being a part of their RAGE series, they come with a subtle blue LED illumination which looks pretty good regardless of placement.

All things considered, if you aren’t keen on spending too much money, you’ll love the BE5768 5×7 speakers, because they get you a lot of bang for your buck.


  • Very affordable price
  • Full and rich sound
  • Great design


  • The sound will distort if you turn the wattage to maximum

4. JBL Club 8620: Best 5×7 Car Speakers under $100

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JBL’s Club series is meant to offer a great sound without being as expensive as the company’s more premium models, and the Club 8620 hits the nail on the head in that regard.

They sound very well, and they cost as much as a pair of decent midrange speakers, so let’s take a closer look at them.

The Club 8620 is a pair of two-way car speakers, which means you only get a woofer and a tweeter. Now, in most cases, this would result in a sound that’s oriented towards only the highs and the mids, with everything in between significantly lacking.

However, thanks to JBL’s tuning, there is a fair amount of midrange in the car speakers. No, it’s not on the level of three, or four-way car speakers, but it is surprisingly full for a two-way speaker.

Jbl Club 8620

On the other hand, the highs are very clear and you can hear just about every high note, and the bass is powerful, but not overpowering. We’re positively surprised by JBL’s tuning, they really did a great job.

The power is pretty decent, too, with an 55 watts RMS each, and a maximum power handling capacity of 165 watts each.

Yes, they’re far from the most powerful speakers out there, but they’re just right if you don’t want to use an amp just to be able to run them.

Then we’ve got the build and design. This is a pair of all-black speakers with a JBL orange touch in the middle. They look rather subtle, and they’ll fit within every car aesthetic with relative ease.

Of course, you could cover them up, but honestly we’d leave them out in the open, they look really good.

When you take everything into consideration, JBL has really done a great job with the Club 8620. Yes, we would’ve liked it if at this price, they were at least three-way, but the sound tuning is good enough so that’s not a big problem.

Overall, we’d have no problem recommending these if you want a reputable brand and decent sound quality.


  • Subtle design
  • Good sound and great tuning
  • Decent power


  • Only two-way

5. Rockford Fosgate P1572: Best 5×7 Coaxial Speakers

Rockford’s Fosgate P1572 is priced like a midrange speaker set, but in terms of performance and overall sound quality, punches way above its weight.

It’s a great speaker set that looks stunning and checks all the boxes in regards to sound quality, build quality, and of course, looks.

First things first, these are two-way speakers, and are part of Rockford’s Fosgate Punch series. As we would expect from Rockford, you don’t get that “midrange lacking” situation, thanks to the tuning, and the sound is pretty full and rich.

Pair that with the excellent highs and powerful lows, and you’re looking at an overall excellent sounding speaker.

Rockford Fosgate P1572

Of course, adding more actual speakers like a midrange will always sound better, but we’ve got the feeling that Rockford is making the most out of the woofer and tweeter that the P1572 comes with.

Speaking of that, you’re looking at a mineral-filled cone that’s made of polypropylene and has been injection molded, with a butyl rubber surround, paired with a PEI dome tweeter.

This combination not only sounds pretty good, but is also very durable, too.

Moving on, we have the build quality. Rockford paid a lot of attention to this, because they have a reputation to live up to.

You also get their popular FlexFit basket, which instead of getting you mounting holes, gets you slots. This adds a lot of versatility in terms of mounting, because you can fine tune the position, and even get away with it if your car uses non-standard screw positions, too.

Last but not least, the design is pretty good. The all-black color looks very good, and it gives the speakers a very premium look and feel in every way.

They look like they cost at least three times more than their actual cost, which is always a nice thing. In short, P1572s can easily be considered as best 5×7 car speakers (full-range) in terms of value.


  • Stunning, premium-looking design
  • Good sound quality
  • FlexFit basket for mounting flexibility


  • No grilles included

6. Alpine SPS-517: Best 5×7 Car Speakers for Bass

When you start looking into the higher end 5×7 speakers, you’ll come across Alpine’s SPS-517. This is a set that is actually cheap for what it is, and is one of the best options if you want a reputable pair of speakers that sounds very, very good.

Let’s start with the sound quality itself. You might lower your expectations when you find out these are two-way speakers, but there’s a lot more to it, because Alpine have done a great job with these.

You’ve got a 1” silk dome tweeter, paired with a poly-mica cone woofer, which is a pretty great combination. Everything sounds pretty great, from the punchy and powerful bass, to the clear and crisp highs, and, surprisingly, everything in between, too.

The bass is slightly overpowering and will not suit everybody. But if you like speakers that are pretty much bass cannons, they’re pretty much right up your alley.

Alpine Sps 517

Then, you’ve got the design. In traditional Alpine fashion, these are all-black speakers with nothing but a blue logo beneath the tweeter to indicate that this is an S-series speaker.

There is also the silver tweeter, which is a nice accent point. They do look pretty good, and it’s far from a situation where you’ll have to cover them with a grille.

The downside is, unfortunately, build quality. Alpine really could’ve done a better job, because there is a lot more plastic on these speakers than there should be.

Yes, you get slotted mounting instead of single-screw holes, which is nice, but they’re very far from confidence inspiring, which shouldn’t be the case with a pair of speakers that cost this much.

You will have to be very careful when mounting these, as the entire mounting system can be easily damaged.

If it weren’t for the build quality, we would certainly be recommending these as a great higher-end choice for a reasonable price. But unfortunately, unless you’re very careful about how you install these, there are better options.


  • Great quality sound
  • Subtle design
  • Very powerful


  • Build quality is just bad
  • Fitting them could be an issue

7. JL Audio C2-570x: High-End 5×7 Coaxial Speakers

People who are looking to put a high end pair of two-way speakers in their car should give JL Audio’s C2-570x a shot.

These are a pair of extremely well built speakers that sound phenomenal, and even though expensive, they have a lot going for them in many regards.

Let’s kick things off with the most important aspect – audio quality. In that regard, JL Audio have done a brilliant job, even though hardware-wise you only have a tweeter and a woofer.

These are two-way coaxial speakers, which means that the highs and the bass should be impeccable – and they are. Everything is crystal clear, and instrument separation is like you’d never heard before.

Jl Audio C2 570x

The bass is powerful and punchy, without being overpowering, and it’s very accurate and precise. And even though there isn’t a midrange speaker, there is a surprising amount of clarity in the midrange, too.

Overall, the sound is exactly what you’d expect from a high end pair of speakers.

Moving on to the build quality, JL Audio have done a great job here as well. The speakers are built very well, and there’s zero compromises in terms of the build.

These are easy to install, too, with slots instead of single-hole screws, so you get a bit of versatility in terms of setting them up exactly right.

The C2-570x looks very good, too. The design is a combination of black and silver, with a subtle blacked out JL Audio logo on the tweeter itself.

Honestly, we’d have no issues not covering these with a grille, and instead we’d let them be seen. The colorway works great with just about any interior color, which is nice as well.

The one and only downside of the phenomenal C2-570x is the price. These are expensive, and you can get close to this level of audio quality without spending this much money.

But if you’re looking for perfect sound paired with great design and excellent build quality, all in one, this is it.


  • Incredible audio quality, especially considering these are two-way speakers
  • Build quality is great
  • Beautiful, subtle design


  • Pretty expensive

Common Speaker Terminology

Power Handling

Power handling is basically how much power you’ll need to run the speaker and make the most of it. Commonly, you’ll get an RMS value which indicates how much power the speaker will draw continuously.

This is a number you will want to either match, or exceed, for best results, simply because it’s always better to overpower a speaker than to underpower it.

When you’re using a not-very-powerful amp with a demanding speaker, you’ll be pushing that amp to its limit, which isn’t something you want to do. On the other hand, opting for a speaker that is certainly within your amp’s achievable power is a good idea.

Frequency Range

The frequency range is the entire range of frequencies the speaker is able to reproduce, from the lowest to the highest.

And while you might come across speakers that go higher or lower, the optimum range here is from 20 to 20,000Hz, which is the range of human hearing. Anything over or under that, and you won’t be able to hear it.

It is worth mentioning, however, that some high-quality tweeters can reproduce sounds that are well above 20,000Hz.

Even though this isn’t something your ear can detect, as we said, the harmonics from these frequencies may affect how you perceive the sound and nuances.

Note that this is a good idea only when you’re getting high-end speakers, otherwise you won’t be getting much out of them.


The sensitivity of your speakers tells you how efficient the speaker is at converting sheer power (measured in watts) into volume (measured in decibels).

In this regard, a higher rating means that your speakers will be louder with a certain amount of power. A lower sensitivity will require more power for the speakers to reach those same amounts of volume.

This is commonly measured by driving a speaker with a single watt of power, and measuring how loud it is, in decibels, at one meter.

The difference in sensitivity is a lot higher than you’d think, though. For example, a speaker with an 85dB sensitivity requires twice as much power as a speaker with an 88dB sensitivity, to reach the same volume. If you don’t have a powerful amp, a higher sensitivity might be a good idea.

Speaker Design and Material

The design of the speakers and the materials used in making it have a massive impact on how durable the speakers are.

For example, the woofer should be made of a stiff, lightweight material. Polypropylene is a good choice for a budget speaker, but higher end models opt for a mix between polypropylene and other materials, like mica.

And of course, woven fabrics coated with aluminum or titanium are a great pick, too. When it comes to the tweeter, soft materials get you a refined, mellow sound, while hard materials get you bright, snappy highs.

And last but not least, the surround lets the woofer cone move freely, so rubber is what you want to go with – good performance and great durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will 6.5” speakers fit in 5×7?

The debate of round vs oval speakers calls for this, but the simple answer to this question is “no”.

To elaborate a bit, the mounting holes for a 5×7 aren’t made to fit a round speaker, so the only way to make this possible is to cut the speaker mounts themselves. For more info, check out our 6.5″ component speakers guide.

Do bigger speakers sound louder?

In general, larger speakers can produce louder and lower sounds than smaller speakers due to the increased surface area. This is because larger speakers have bigger cones and magnets, which generate more air movement when the audio signal is sent through them. This increased air movement generates a greater sound pressure level, resulting in a louder sound.

However, the size of a speaker isn’t the only factor in determining how loud it will be; other factors like the power of its amplifier and the enclosure’s design also play a role. So while bigger speakers may be able to produce louder sounds, they may not necessarily sound any better than smaller speakers.

What are 3.5-inch speakers good for?

The 3.5-inch speakers are ideal for enhancing the radio signals from your stereo, which can result in a more enriched car audio system experience. These speakers have a broad frequency response range and high power handling, allowing for clear and full sound reproduction that is ideal for playing music with rich bass, mid-range clarity, and detailed highs. 

What size speaker is best for mid-range?

6-inch and 6.5-inch (6 1/2″) speakers are typically considered the best for mid-range sound. These sizes create a balanced frequency range that is both detailed and clear. 6-inch speakers produce a focused soundstage with enhanced presence, making them ideal for mids. On the other hand, 6.5-inch speakers provide a wider soundstage and better bass response, making them the perfect choice for those looking to get the most out of their mids.

Are mid-range speakers better than coaxial?

Mid-range speakers are a great choice for many audio applications, as they’re designed to produce a superior quality sound than their coaxial counterparts. Unlike regular coaxial speakers, mid-range speakers come with multiple drivers in each unit, allowing them to better manage different frequencies at various sound levels.

This type of speaker also allows for customization options like tweeter adjustment, crossover settings, and more. Plus, they usually offer lower distortion levels than other speakers, so you can get a higher-quality sound from them. So the short answer is yes – mid-range speakers are better than coaxial speakers!

What Hz is best for midrange speakers?

The best Hz for midrange speakers is usually between 300Hz and 5,000Hz. This range of frequencies provides clarity to vocals and instrumentation without being overly bright or muddy. The exact range will vary depending on the speaker’s design, but a midrange frequency between these two limits should provide an optimal sound experience.

Do midrange speakers sound better in a box?

When you place a midrange speaker in a box, the quality of sound heard is not compromised or diminished. This is because enclosing the speaker inside a box helps to capture and contain the sound waves produced by the speaker, allowing them to travel more efficiently and accurately. This helps reduce interference with other sound waves in the area, leading to an improved and more balanced sound. Additionally, the box acts like a reverberation chamber, which can help produce a richer, fuller sound. So yes, midrange speakers do sound better in a box!

What is the best Hz for small speakers?

Small speakers usually have a frequency response range of 150-200 Hz. This range is typically suitable for most types of music, as it delivers plenty of Low-End frequencies for strong bass and kick drum sounds while still allowing the mids and highs to be crisp and audible.

200 Hz is often considered the ideal upper limit for small speakers, as it is high enough to provide acceptable sound quality without sacrificing accuracy on the low end. However, depending on the type of music you’re listening to and your personal preference, you may opt for a higher level, such as 250 Hz, if you want more bass or treble presence.

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