About Car Stereoed


My name is Asfand Yar, and I have created carstereoed.com after noticing the lack of high-quality content in this space.

I recently had an issue with my car amplifier. Like what we do with most problems, I Googled it to see if I can get any help.

I was surprised to see the low amount of genuine websites in the car audio space. Even the ones I encountered were more inclined towards pushing visitors to buy a new amp altogether. 

Sure, there are different forums and FB groups where you can discuss these problems, but almost nobody has time for this. 

I solved that issue, eventually, after spending almost a week talking with different people. That’s when I realized there must be other people who’re facing similar issues with their car audio systems.

To help them, I have created this website where we will talk about tips and tricks related to car stereo – with some buying guides in between.

Review Methodology

Speaking of the buying guides, I think it’s important to clarify the review methodology from the start. 

I do my research, ask people about their experience, read other reviews, and sometimes test products before including them in any ‘best of’ guides.

During this process, I try to be as objective as possible and don’t let my personal brand bias in any product I write about.

This is an independent website. It’s not run by a big-budget media corporation that takes any kick-backs or commission from a manufacturer in return for a favourable review.

In case you’re a manufacturer who wants me to review your product, you can contact me, but there’s no guarantee regarding its inclusion in any of the roundup guides.

How To Use This Website

All you need to do is use the search option on the right side of the nav menu. Type the info you’re looking for in the search area, and you’ll get a bunch of articles based on that query.

If what you were looking for doesn’t come up, it means I haven’t published anything about that topic so far. In that case, you can email me to write about the topic, and I’ll make sure to fulfill your request as early as possible.